Lesson 47

Indians are originally from America. As Columbus traveled the world,

and came to the island he called San Salvador in 1492 in America,
he called the islanders he met there Indians. The reason he called
them for Indians was that he thought he came to India while he really
was in America.
The Indians lived in tribes, scattered around the country.
There were Native American tribes in Alaska, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, and the entire southern part of South America.
Indians are indigenous peoples, ie a group of people who have preserved all or part of their traditional culture and values.
Indigenous peoples lived in a certain area of ​​land before large society took over or
the state was founded. They are often exposed to human rights violations, plagues
and forced to become equal to the majority.
Many indigenous peoples have in common that their way of life is utilized
nature in many ways, and it is therefore said that they live "in covenant with
nature ". <br> Today there are around 300 million people who can be called indigenous peoples living in 70 different countries.
In Norwegian, Indians are described as indigenous peoples, for example

Indians, indigenous peoples living in America, are a group of people living in northern
America and South America before the European discovery and division of
North America and South America.
The vast majority of Indians are from Siberia, and they migrated for more
than 16,000 years ago. They spread across both countries, and developed
hundreds of very different groups
Many of these groups maintained a nomadic or semi-nomadic way of life
until now. As we know, there are two large groups of Indians, the South and
North Indians, so now we'll focus on the North Indians.

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Inge Hemdorff 2021